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Reporting a Problem

Reporting an issue can sometimes be difficult. Hopefully the following brief guide will help residents, businesses and visitors to report the issue to the right organisation.

Most non-emergency crime and anti-social behaviour issues can be reported to Welton and Hemswell Police Team. Click here to go to their website or call 101.

Most issues to do with rubbish collection, Council Tax, housing, planning applications and elections can be reported to West Lindsey District Council. Click here to go to their website or call 01427 676676.

Most issues to do with education, transport, roads & footpaths, public safety, social care, libraries and trading standards can be reported to Lincolnshire County CouncilClick here to go to their website or call 01522 552222.

If you are in Hemswell Cliff village (north of  A631 and not the Gibraltar or Plassey Road), some of the issues that the District Council or County Council deal with will need to be reported to PreimClick here to go to their website or call 01778 382210. 

If you are not sure who to report something too please get in touch and we will try to help.

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If you wish to ask a question of the Parish Council you can do so on our Facebook page - click here. Most questions will be answered within 24 hours. Alternatively if you wish to ask a question privately please use the form below.