Police, Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

Local Policing

Hemswell Cliff is served by the Welton & Hemswell Policing Team. You can find out more information and find contact details by visiting their site - click here.  

You can report crime online by going here and clicking the report button


The LincsAlert system which is part of the Neighbourhood Alert network enables you to register via a website that suits your interests and activities. These websites all provide you with access to the services and information that the LincsAlert network provides, simply choose one to join that best suits your interests. You only need to join one site on Alert and can then subscribe to a whole range of Information Providers.

This is Lincolnshire Alert, this is a two way communication system designed to put you in touch with Lincolnshire Police community services and Neighbourhood Watch in Lincolnshire. It is totally free, really simple to do and we need your input! Click here to register with Lincolnshire Alert

Or Download the registration form here Lincs_Alert_Registration Form.pdf

To get an idea of the service and see the latest Alerts click here.


Anti-Social Behaviour and Non-Emergency - Report to Police Non Emergency 101

You can report anything from abusive language or behaviour, Dangerous driving or the riding of unlicensed motorcycles or Quad bikes. We would encourage you to report all acts of Anti-Social behaviour, the more reports that are made the better chance we have of reducing the level of Anti-Social behaviour. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

Fly-Tipping - Report to the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60

If you see any evidence of fly-tipping or indeed witness fly tipping please report it.