Your Council

Hemswell Cliff Parish Council was created in 1991 with the first elections held in April 1992. It is therefore a comparatively ‘new’ parish council. Centred around a former RAF base, which is now a growing business park, the Parish also includes the hamlet Spital-in-the-Street (west of the A15) and a large area of farmland to the north.

At the time of the 2011 Census the Parish had a population of 677. Amenities include: the business park; a post office; a petrol station; a hotel and conference centre; a restaurant; a primary school, and a children's centre

The Parish Council plays a central role in representing the interests of the community. It works hard to engage with residents, businesses and visitors to provide the facilities and services they want and need. Where the Council has no direct control over an issue it seeks to represent the views of the community.

The activities of Hemswell Cliff Parish Council have expanded in recent years. The Council is responsible for the management of a new £100,000 Ball Park; is currently developing a Neighbourhood Plan; and, is working towards securing more amenities.

Working with principle authorities the Parish Council is central in the development of a ‘Master Plan’ for Hemswell Cliff which seeks to attract funding and drive business growth, particularly in the agricultural sector. 

Decisions Making and Structure of the Council

The Parish Council has quiet a simple decision making process when compared to a district or county council.

Most decisions are taken at a meeting of all the councillors which happens on the first Monday of every month (except August). Only a meeting of councillors can decide financial matters. The Council does have several committees, whose role it is to explore options and to provide advice, information and opinions to Council and the Clerk.

A number of functions have been delegated by the Parish Council to the Clerk. This allows the Clerk to carry out the day-to-day administrative functions of the Council.

A copy of the Parish Council's delegation scheme and decision making structure can be accessed on this website - click here.