Budgets and Finances

The Parish Council has certain duties and regulations placed upon it to make financial information available to the public. Hemswell Cliff Parish Council meets all of its duties and where appropriate attempts to go beyond the requirements.

Please note that the financial year for local authorities which, in any given year, starts on 1st April and ends on 31st March.

We will endeavour to publish a bank reconciliation summary (with cash book) on a monthly basis and a budget monitoring document on a quarterly basis. These can be found with the agendas for ordinary meetings.

A budget for the Parish Council is produced on annually and will usually be published in advance of the Council's January ordinary meeting. The Parish Council's budget will be published on this page.

The Council must complete an Annual Return before the end of July in any given year. The Annual Return will be published on this page.

To access a document click on year button or hyperlink below.

Hemswell Cliff Parish Council's Budget





Hemswell Cliff Parish Council's Annual Return